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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World

It is our civic duty, our right, our responsibility-- democracy in action. For much of my life, I saw election day as apathy in action. Certainly from my perspective as a pre-teen, teenager and later college student. Like many, I said, "my vote won't make a difference."

Alot of that has changed naturally with maturity and time, and watching people like Mr. Chimpy make decisions that can (and have) had a direct impact on my life. Democracy in action.

If you think your vote doesn't mean diddly, just look at New Mexico in the 2000 election. Ok, so you don't live in N.M., why would you care. Well, in this big bad world where there are billions of people and your puny vote won't count, that election was decided by less than 400 votes. Not thousands or millions, but less than 400. If there are 400 of you out there reading this that think your vote won't count, get up off your ass and stop fucking things up for the rest of us.

This isn't a movie or a reality show, this is your one chance to make your stamp on the world, though you won't receive immediate dividends. This isn't the Micky D's drive-thru, this is life.

The American Bar Association web site will have real-time election results available to members of their website starting at 6pm Eastern. The rest of us will have to go elsewhere.....wonder if any one will cover it?


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