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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: A Visit to Dumbo Caught on Cam

Yes, yes y'all...and we continue to do what we are doing without halting...

Eh-hem...The Wife and I traveled over to DUMBO and visited the Kings County BBQ Truck to pick up some food for dinner. The truck is set up outside the Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea at its temporary winter digs. While we were in that neighborhood, we stopped at Jacques Torres to buy a few birthday gifts for The Wife's brother.

From the truck we bought a Burnt Ends platter (w/ wonderfully 'light,' clean and not-too-sweet beans, a tangy-peppery, broad-leaf-thick-cut coleslaw, pickles and bread) and a pulled pork sandwich. Both came with the slaw and pickle slices which were not the usual bread and butter style, but dill and refreshing w/ the meat and hamburger buns (their 'air bread').

The Burnt Ends
, while slightly leaner than a classic cube of deckle, were tender little bites about 1/2" or so and gently smoky, with a thin gauze of sauce that was not too overpowering-- maybe their own juices and rub. We wound up splitting these for breakfast the next morning and basically skipped the bread and popped these like candy. The beans were cold, but not too tomato paste laden, or soaked in cloying sauce. They were sweet with good chew and a nice lightness.

The Pulled Pork was less to my taste, unfortunately, and could have had more smoke, rub and bark. That is not to say that it wasn't tasty, moist and nicely pulled into gentle tangles. This was heated up in sauce after being pulled-- again, the sauce was not so assertive to overwhelm the sweetness inherent in the rich pork flavor.

Chris, the main man, was completely affable and fun to chat with as he and his two cooks put out the food. He didn't even mind me poking my camera in the truck (or so it seemed). He was nice enough to also let us taste the collards (I had two bites at the end of the meal and was too full to taste) and jalapeno-cheese grits which I am eating now. Rich but not too heavy. The jalapeno cuts through nicely.

I will definitely hit these folks up again soon for another taste of their food and hospitality, their honky tonk tunes and more of their menu.

Kings County BBQ Website


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