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Monday, November 08, 2004

Country Style Ribs = Yummy

Ok, so they aren't "RIBS"-- they are actually sliced up pieces of pork shoulder, but I got a coupla packs of fatty ones at the market on Friday. I had intended to cook them up on the smoker with a couple of hams and some spareribs, but due to some health issues (to be addressed on here later), I was plum out of energy and strength to make a day of it. I scaled back my idea to using the stovetop smoker (a decent solution when you can't cook outside-- more on that later, too) but alas, the best laid plans......

I was truly bushed, and even the meager effort to use the stovetop smoker proved too much, so Saturday morning, I made a dry rub containing some brown sugar, chipotle, paprika, celery seed, black pepper, dry mustard, coriander, garlic pwd, onion, pwd, etc.....and rubbed up them country ribs. I foiled them and refrigerated about 8 hours. Threw the packets on a sheet in the oven at about 250 for an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, I had a jar of Dinosaur Bar-b-que's roasted garlic and honey sauce-- yummy!- that i cut w/ some cider vinegar, (gasp!) liquid smoke, some honey and the remaining rub. I mopped the ribs w/ some o' that, loosely re-foiled and back in the oven another 45 minutes or so. Time to mop again. I spooned up the juices from the foiled ribs, mixed that w/ my sauce, mopped the ribs and let them go with the foil opend to bark up a bit. They was good, tender and moist. Served the sauce on the side, but only my brother (who never met a sauce or garnish, flavor addition or extra he didn't like and use) took me up on the offer.

To go along with all that, I threw a couple cans of pinto beans in a pot along w/ a mix of some Jack Daniels hickory smoke sauce (not so great by itself), some of the remaining dino sauce, a splash of cider vinegar, some honey and some rub, and (again, gasp!) liquid apple smoke, and cooked that all down. Delicioso w/ my wife Amy's slightly german-style potato salad and homemade punkin' pie.


Blogger t. primo said...

Hey! My mouth is watering as I type this. Where do I get one of these fabled "stove-top smokers"?
There is a fairly new BBQ joint here in Salem OR which is getting some positive word of mouth...Smokin' Swine Public House...they serve North Carolina style pulled pork sandwiches and the like...I tasted the pulled pork at a "chef's night out" event recently, and I must say it was pretty darn good. They served it with a selection of house made sauces on the side, some of which were quite flavorful, tho' I was dissapointed with the fiery hot sauce, as with many such hot sauces it was all heat and very little nuance of flavor. Whatsupwidat?

Perhaps you and "the wife" can make it out here to the western frontier someday and we can make an evening of it sampling the local BBQ...
Also another place not far from here (Mollala, OR) has a roadside pit that serves up some fine pulled pork sanguars with more of a red sweet style that Memphis style? I don't know, but I like it. Just outside Mollala is where the fam and I most recently fond the motherload of Chanterelle mushroom spots...also some hedgehogs there as well...still couldn't lay my hands on any Matsutakes though. The BBQ stop would be a great place to stop and fuel up after a long day of trudging through the puckerbrush and ferns in search of the elusive wild fungus. Perhaps if you time it right we can make a day of foraging, and I will finally have an excuse (other than my greedy grumbling tummy) to stop for a nibble, eh? (Chanterelle season is in the fall and the spring...bonus in the spring is also Morrel season!) Again, I could use another set or two of spotters for those, as I have never seen them in their natural wild habitat. :(

8:10 PM  
Blogger C-horse said...

Check out Cameron's stovetop smokers online. there are 2 sizes, I recommend the larger one. I love mine.

7:49 AM  

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