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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sassed by Uma

Ok....So, I see alot of celebs on the street and around New York-- up at my old job near lincoln center in the span of just a week or more I saw Danny Aiello, James Taylor, Vanessa Williams and former Clinton-Aide, Dick Morris. To name just a few. Now that I work near Union Square, there are models, musicians and movie stars galore.

I don't get star-struck, but I do have a knack for noticing them. Especially when they behave poorly (often), or when they are the subject of ridicule. For instance, I was told by a cashier as I paid for my morning java, that Uma Thurman who was on line in front of me was "much uglier" than she expected. Well, I'm afraid her behavior is pretty ugly, too. This morning, at my local coffee hole, Uma and some toothpick of a girlfriend were standing, gossipping and drinking their coffee where the line normally forms. After a few awkward seconds, I asked "are you on line?" Uma stepped to the side, scowled at me and with a grand wave of her hand said, "all yours". Sorry to have put you out, moron. I forgot that the whole world revolves around you. Maybe they could have halted all sales for the entire time you were in the place. She later continued her whining about "Andre-Face" her supposed on-again/off-again boyfriend as she slowly oozed her way down the sidewalk.

Joel Siegel likes the coffee from there and he normally has a sour-puss as well. Not the lobotimized, happy-go-lucky bland affect he has on tv. Plus, he's short. Maybe that's why he's so pissy. Jon Spencer and his wife, Christina, pop in on occasion and manage to behave like normal folk. They seem nice enough.

The Scandal Continues....and is still not so interesting....While I'm turning into Access Hollywood for the day, I've run into Robert Prosky a few times recently and found he likes Oprah Magazine, which is cool. Drew Barrymore is also really short, (I mean, SHORT) as is her boyfriend in the Strokes. And Ric Ocasek who is not short at all, is as spacy as you'd suspect him to be. Aida Turturro has no problem walking around in her sweatsuits.

I'm in a really bad mood today.


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