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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring into Brisket! Pt. 2

I sliced up about 1/2 the brisket and brought it into work along with the Bbq Sauce for the 4 folks in the graphics department-- they work some of the longest hours and pull off some real miracles. Around 10 am they said 'why wait for lunch?" and the food was gone in about 15-20 minutes. People were coming in from all over saying, 'Mmmm. What's that smell?' or, 'Meat at 10am?'

The brisket was purchased at BJ's, and trimmed of most of the surface fat.
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It was then injected with about a cup of liquid that included mainly broth, some 'worshestershire' sauce, apple juice a little tabasco, etc...I then applied the mustard slather and some doctored Dinosaur Bar-b-que Cajun Foreplay rub. I kept a some liquid and onions next to the brisket and mopped a few times.
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I used Oak and Hickory from my local firewood guy and Apple and Peach from Chigger Creek-- great wood.
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The ribs got a honey and mustard slather and were dusted with the Rub With Love Pork Seasoning. They cooked about 6 hours. The brisket took about twice that. We also cooked up some short ribs using a sample of the Cowtown All-Purpose BBQ Rub. It was flavorful, but too salty for home use. I could definitely taste a powdered broth/soup mix flavor. I liked it more than Amy. For competition it might be a winner, but too much salt to eat much of it. The short ribs themselves were kick-ass. We decided we could eat alot of them. Not quite falling off the bone, and rich and beefy.
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Lastly, I was asked a few times about the 'strange orange thing' at the end of the last post-- it was an orange float that was too big for the glass in which it was supposed to go. It was a tasty-- stuart's orange soda w/ Carvel Vanilla.

Say goodbye to days like these for a while. Thank god.
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Anonymous Nick said...

I love the Dinosaur BBQ dry rub, I keep it in stock just for myself. Where did you get those other rubs at?

9:06 PM  
Blogger Backyard Chef said...

Hey Nick--

The Rub with Love was picked up at Sur La Table-- it's real straight forward stuff. The Black Cat was a present from my in-laws, but you can find it online if you look for it and the nice folks at Cowtown sent me some samples of all their rubs to try out. I mentioned their book in an article and the Dino folks sent me a book, sauces, and rubs. Nice !

7:42 AM  

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