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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hang On To Your Ego

A few weeks back, Robert of WhiteTrashBBQ and I took a little road trip with my wife and Robert's daughter, Laura, to Delaware and appeared on the Comcast morning show, Your Morning. They had contacted me about doing a live cooking segment and talking about the recent Grill Kings bbq contest that took place at Belmont Park in Long Island. I was glad to go and more than happy to help promote the biggest contest in my backyard. Regardless of my comments about this year's debacle, I'm proud of the contest.

I cooked a mojo marinated chicken with a basic lemon pepper and herb rub, and gave Robert a new no-cook barbecue sauce recipe to whip up. I cooked a batch the night before so we could pull the 'ol 'magic of television' trick. Here's how the chicken looked on the Green Room tv. I finished the batch that I started on the show and served it to the crew for lunch-- those guys bust their butts.

After we taped the show, Robert navigated us into Philly for lunch at Jack's Firehouse, the restaurant of former Food Network host Jack McDavid. I was excited to try his food-- he's a great chef.

To be honest, the flavor profiles were ok-- the smoke flavor excellent-- but the food was a bit of a letdown. The pork was moist, but flat in flavor, the rib was a disaster-- shiner (all bone, no meat) on one side, a scarce and dried out morsel on the other side. Damn. The brisket was the best, though I liked it better than Robert, with a robust smoke flavor and tender chew.


Blogger Terry said...

Hey Backyard, you and White Trash need to come on down to Tennessee and I'll fix you some grub to write home about. I have worked for years to prefect some recipes.

Anytime you come close to this area, give me a shout and I will feed you well. Might make a nice show to boot!

I have thought about trying to get Bobby Flay to come met the team for a challange of a bbq cook off Southern style.

Ego? nah...I just love great food.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Backyard Chef said...

Nuthin' wrong with with a bit of pride, B.D.

I'd love a trip to TN. I was down there once, mainly around the Opry area in Nashville, but got outside a bit. Beautiful.

I'd love to see that cook-off.

7:40 PM  
Blogger s'kat said...

Now that sounds like a fun little jaunt, even if some of the food disappointed.

9:25 AM  

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