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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Maps and Legends

Yo, kiddos. This is my first week at the new job and so far, so good. Unfortunately, that's been taking up alot of my attention BUT, the BYC will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday and I can't hardly wait. For those just joining us, the BYC is the Klose Backyard Chef model barbeque pit-- more than a ton of pure cooking excitement hand crafted in houston, tx. I plan to be burning it in by the evening of the 21st.

In the mean time, I encourage you all to keep yourself occupied over at the BBQForum Member Map-- it utilizes some Google beta software and shows peoples' locations. If you click on the little flags for people's locations, you can see their info and, in some cases, pictures, too. Pretty cool.

  • BBQForum Map

    Blogger Mona said...

    New jobbiejob? Congrats, hope it's working out well for you! New jobs can always be a bit nervewracking, meeting the new bosses and co-workers, feeling them out, who's gonna be cool , who won't be...
    i've been working at my current job for about 14 months and thinking of jumping ship...

    11:52 AM  
    Blogger Backyard Chef said...

    I hear ya. I was at the last place for about 6 years and was one of the 'old timers'. Of course, some were there for 15-20 years, too, but I was so familiar with everything. Now, I'm back in that new-guy/stranger phase and I just want to yell out-- hey, I'm cool, too. I listen to Esquivel, Broken Social Scene AND the Beach Boys...I read Jonathan Lethem, plus, I can tell you where to find a great pulled pork sandwich, and cheap banh mi. C'mon, get to know me. Somehow, though, I think that would make me seem a little weird and very uncool.

    Anyway, where are now and where are you jumping off to?

    1:07 PM  
    Blogger Mona said...

    Hmmm, I work in TV, FNC to be exact. And am gettin tired of the 24 hour news thing. My dream job is writing for a magazine, and writing about food and travel. But how can I jump to that and make that my full-time job!! Argh!

    6:29 PM  

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