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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy Hour Again

Evening, podnahs. Just having a Stella and making a few changes to clean house around here. I think I've finally just about gotten the links on the right side of the page in some kind of order. I also felt the main page was getting slow to load, so I've shortened it up. I hope y'all dig. I just found out the Firefox is mac-friendly for blogger. Yay! Hey, anyone that knows anything about computers (mac, preffered), layout, html, etc...that wants to give me a shout, that would be so very nice. I feel mostly like the blind

Anywho. You may notice down on the right side of the page, that I added a pig. Do not fear the pig. The pig is a friend that will introduce you to the Brothers in Smoke, the BBQ-Brethren. A pretty cool group of dudes that know what they're talking about--and what you're talking about, when they describe the bbq experience, the smoke, the taste, the time, and the laughs. It's the real deal, people. Also, the founder, Phil ("The Poobah", they call him), is right there, hands on with the group, giving out tons of must-have tips and advice, as well as a good dose of humility and humour, left and right.

Phil's actually running for the KCBS board in the upcoming elections, and from what I've seen he should be an outstanding addition to the organization. It would be pretty awesome and timely to have a rep from this area who can bridge a connection between what's happening here and what's going on in the heart of the country. Ya know, I have to confess that, although it is a great orgranization that does some important things, I've been on the fence about joining KCBS because I wasn't sure I'd ever compete, but this is the best reason I've heard yet to get off my butt and do it, because Phil has totally got my vote.

Unless someone better comes along. Just kidding, duuuuude.


Blogger WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I knew you'd come around someday and put up that link. Welcome to the brotherhood that is The BRETHREN. And thanks for the post about Phil. I'm the guy who nominated him for the board, so you know how I feel about him.

The North East needs representation in KCBS! Vote for Phil!

Nice re-design. I've been playing with a redesign on my blog too.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Mona said...

Way to go mr organizer. Did you take your OCD pills this morning? Ha:) Nice! The Brethren, eh? Wow. Sounds pretty cool.
I just got a powerbook g4 for early xmas present and i'm dying. I have to do my posts on my PC at work because the blogging post window is different on my apple. One of these days I will figure it out..html and all. Wish I could be more help...
Did I mention you should see King Kong?! Oh my God. Forget pigs, I'm in love with Kong..

12:55 PM  
Blogger Backyard Chef said...

Yo, Mo...I had the same problem-- couldn't add links, Try Firefox, it looks to be the same as the PC editing window.

I don't know if I could fit Kong on the new smoker. But I'll think it over.

Rob-- good call on nominating Phil. I had no idea your were a lobbyist in your spare time. Wait a minute, you have kids, so no spare time, right?

10:57 AM  

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