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Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Truly Great Thing: My First Pig at Wildwood BBQ

This is a 33 pound suckling pig that I cooked for a dinner party of 25 people at Wildwood BBQ. After minimal butchering work inside of her, I injected 2-3 quarts of seasoned liquid including apple juice and rub and a few other items and let her sit for 1/2 an hour to warm up and marinate.

She went into the pit at 225 degrees over oak, apple and hickory for about 7 hours total, including time to rest. I basted about every hour or so using a spray bottle. When she was all done, we replaced her eyes with maraschino cherries and popped the apple in her mouth. I used a ball of foil to hold the jaw at the right aperture.

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